Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Wedding Ornament

A little over a year ago on one of my Thursday Favorites posts I shared an ornament and said I would make it for the next person that got married.  Two of my cousins got married in 2012 so I decided to give the ornament a try.  Here is the original in the post I shared.  I tried to click the link and it looks like the photo isn't on pinterest anymore so I can't give credit.

Here is my version:

These are simple to make. I got the glass ornament at Michaels at Christmas time.  I decided to etch the ornament to give it a little something extra, but you wouldn't have to.  I then cut the wedding invitation into strips, rolled the strips and shoved them in the ornament.

Now I can cross this off my list of "Pinterest ideas to make".  I like it so much, it might become my go-to extra little gift at the weddings I attend. 

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