Saturday, November 25, 2006

glass etching

For Christmas I am giving my mom a set of 4 plates etched with lighthouses from Coast to Coast. When I saw what people were making etching glass I knew it was a technique I wanted to try. I have to tell you it isn't extremely hard, but it does take some patience. I could give you step by step directions on how I made the plates, but the best instructions I have seen are in a tutorial by Vickie Maduzia on Splitcoast. This tutorial ROCKS!!!! Check it out here.

Here are some tips that I found out along the way...
--Make sure you like the image in versamark before you emboss it. On one of the plates I wiped the plate and reapplied the windex about 3 times before I was satisfied with the image. Let me tell you picking off the image after you emboss it ISN'T fun...(don't ask me how I know ;) )
--Words stamp backwards. You are stamping on the backside of the plate so check for any words. I didn't ink up the words on my stamps and on the ones that I couldn't not ink that part I used a dry aquapainter to take the embossing powder off that section before heating.
--Etching cream is very powerful and potent and gloves are supposed to be worn when using it. However I found that I was very clumsy with the gloves on and had too many etching cream "accidents" with them on. I couldn't feel the cream on my gloved fingers and I smeared it on things. For example I got some on one plate on accident and etched a little part on the edge. I found it was better for me to just be REALLY careful and leave the gloves off.
--Just a reminder BE CAREFUL-- that cream is powerful and will start working on whatever it touches. You only want to etch glass not the whole area you are working at. ;)

I used Coast to Coast to match a set of coasters I made my parents. Aimee also etched using this set. Thanks Aimee--I knew I could use Coast to Coast and have it look great by seeing what you had done! See Aimee's blog


Anonymous said...

what an awesome gift! This is a beautiful set to use for plate glass etchings! I may have to find a person who loves lighthouses to do it for them! thanks for sharing
Donna, Austin TX

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful, I;m sure your Mom will love them!! TFS

Erica T

Aimee said...

Those plates were so much fun to make...I still have some glass here that needs to be done for some Christmas presents. Thanks for mentioning my blog too... I am enjoying yours as well.

Anonymous said...

Jen these turned out fabulous!! Your mom is totally going to love them!!


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