Saturday, August 25, 2007

Weekend Question

If you could be really good at one thing (that you aren't that great at now) what would it be?

I will answer this question on Monday. I would love to hear your answer--so leave a comment and let me know!

MONDAY UPDATE: I think if I had to choose one thing I would want to be good at sports. I am so not athletic at all. I played soccer as a kid for many years and I loved it, but I was never really good at it. I like sports, but I stink and so it is not as much fun to play! I am a leader (one of 6) for high school youth group at my church and most weeks after we are all done we play "death ball" which is really dodge ball, but when you have high schoolers throwing the ball sometimes it gets a little scary (I think we only put a hole in the wall once...or twice) It would be so cool to be in the front line dodging balls like I was in "The Matrix" and throwing them back with speed and force. But alas no, I am the one hiding in the back usually screaming when balls come near ;).


Lynn Mercurio said...

That's an easy one for me to answer. I would like to be really great at having the ability to picture a finished project in my mind. I had a very difficult time with this now and I think that creating would be so much easier if I could "see" what I wanted to do before I begin creating.

jami said...

Singing. Can't carry a tune, but I am confident I will be a soloist in the choir in heaven - so I'll just have to wait. :)

Michelle said...

I would like to be good at remembering. If i had a good memory, Biology would be easy!


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