Friday, July 20, 2007

My passion and Silly pics :)

Those that know me know of my love for a junior high camp that I have been a part of for 10 years. Camp Dunamis is a multiethnic camp that has 2-1 week sessions each summer. The purposes of the camp are to help kids meet God and to break down the racial barriers that permeate our culture. I could write for hours on the topic, but I know that not everyone has a passion or interest for the camp like I do. Here are a few fun photos from the two weeks that I was at camp. (the pictures are of counselors because I don't want to splash camper pictures all over the web).

This picture is of a game called "zip-bong" The game is silly, but the object is to say zip or bong without showing your teeth at all. Everyone is in a circle. If you say zip it goes one way and the person on your left has to say "zip or bong" If you say bong then it goes to the person on your right. Basically at some point you have people laughing hysterically trying not to show their teeth. Your cheeks KILL after this game ;)

This picture is a pretty normal camp picture. Everyone sees the camera and puts on a crazy face!
I thought of a lot of different things to say with this photo. All I have to say though is that these ladies are like my sisters...once you join the Camp Dunamis family you are a part of it for life!

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Sencie said...

Fun pics Jen!!! I'm sure your camp is a blast.... even for the Jr highers!! wink : )


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