Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kindergarten Open House

I thought I would share a few pictures from my open house at school. The theme was Kinder "garden." There were also a lot of photos up of things the kids have done throughout the year, but I tried not to share anything too personal.

These sunshines are one of my favorite crafts we made. The students traced and cut their own hands. It took forever, but was so worth it!

This bulletin board has lima beans that we "planted" in a baggie with a wet paper towel. They actually grew really well this way. Most had roots grow and one even got to the point of growing leaves. After open house these got sent home to be planted in dirt so they could grow more. *hint: if you do lima beans this way watch out for mold...don't ask me how I know this!
The students LOVED planting flowers and watching them grow. On the board behind the plants are pictures they drew while observing their seeds and plants. They drew a picture the day we planted, after a week, and after 2 weeks. The students also put sequence cards for how a plant grows in order.

We learned a little about symmetry to make these butterflies.

Another one of my favorites. These sunflowers have a clock face as their center. The students got to pick what time their clock was (we know time by the hour) and had to write that time on one of the leaves.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Oh Blog how I have missed you!

I started teaching kindergarten full time in November and since then life has been absolutely nuts. I haven't picked up a stamp since I started teaching and honestly I haven't missed stamping much...sad huh? I just haven't thought much about it. Life goes through seasons and right now this season is full of kinder lesson plans and crafts that have supplies like construction paper and tempera paint instead of cardstock and ink. And I love it! I do use my artistic side when teaching. I love coming up with crafts and projects that kids can do and have fun with. I thought I would share the gift my kids made their moms for Mother's Day (I don't think any moms will stumble on my blog ruining the secret :) ) I bought kitchen towels (the flour sack kind) and had the kids put their handprints on them in acrylic paint. They got to choose colors, these two just happen to be aqua blue.

This poem went with the gift:
Sometimes you get discouraged
Because I am so small,
And always leave my fingerprints
On furniture and walls.
But everyday I am growing
--I'll be grown up someday
And all these tiny handprints
Will simply fade away.
So here's a final handprint
Just so you can recall,
Exactly how my fingers looked
When I was very small.
I love you!


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