Saturday, March 06, 2010

Bandana dress

    I suppose I am like most crafters in that I go through phases of being inspired to create and work on multiple projects and then times where the ideas and inspiration run dry.  Taking my sewing machine out last weekend inspired me to look into and try a few ideas I had seen online.   Today's project is a dress...made out of two bandanas!  Pretty cool, huh?!?  I got the idea from a blog called Trey and Lucy,   She calls it the 15 minute dress.  This dress didn't take me 15 min (more like 40), but that is because I had to rip a seam out--I discovered that the people who sew bandanas don't necessarily sew them straight!  One of them was 1/2 inch longer than the other.  Still it was a very simple project and Tanya's tutorial is great!   

One of the really cool things is that this is a dress for little girls, but turns into a shirt for older girls.  My "model" is a second grader.  I made this (and another matching one) for my nieces who are 2 and 4 and on them it should be a dress.  

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