Thursday, March 18, 2010

Repurposed skirt

I have been reading a lot of crafty blogs lately and have been so inspired to try out a few things!  The coolest thing I have learned about is that you can repurpose clothing.  I had an old knit shirt that I loved, but didn't fit anymore so I decided to give it a try.  I decided to make a skirt for a little girl out of the shirt. I laid the shirt out and measured 11 inches up the shirt for the length (The length will be more like 9 1/2 inches when finished) and cut across the shirt.  I purposely left 2 inches of shirt under the arms to cut 2-1 inch strips.

Picture #1 is the top of the shirt after I cut the bottom off. Picture #2 is the skirt part that I cut off.  I measured how wide I wanted the skirt and then cut a few inches off of the side. Picture #3 is the 2--1 inch strips (to be used for the gathered bottom)

The next step was to sew a gathering stitch down the middle of each strip. I gathered the first strip to fit on the bottom front of the skirt.  I adjusted and pinned the gathered ruffle how I wanted it.  After I finished the front, I did the same thing to the back.   After the ruffle was finished I pinned the side of the skirt, wrong side out and sewed up the side.

I didn't take a picture of the pinned skirt, but this is what the ruffle looked like

I sewed in elastic to make the waistband, and here is the finished product!   My model is in another state so I will have to upload pictures of her wearing it later.

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