Saturday, November 06, 2010

A Card Maker's Confession

     I love making my own cards.  I haven't had the chance to stamp as often as I would like in the past few years, but if given a choice I would much rather send a homemade birthday card to someone than send a store bought one.  However, this does not apply to Christmas cards.  I have tried to make all of my own Christmas cards, but there are just too many to make...and then pictures and a letter to print out...I get stressed out and end up not sending out any.  Solution?   Shutterfly!  Shutterfly has a great selection of holiday cards in many different styles.  I love the ease of just choosing a design and adding my choice of picture(s) to it! Click here to check out their Holiday Photo card selection.
 I think my favorite card design is "Simple Memories."  Those of you who know me know that I love my cards simple and to the point :)  I like that the card fits 4 different photos on it.

They also have designs available where you can print your Christmas letter right on the card.  Seeing as my printer always seems to have issues when I NEED to get something done, it would be really nice to have the letter right on the card--no extra printing needed!

Or if simple is more your thing, this card  leaves 9 spots for short sentences to share what happened throughout the year. If I can think of nine sentences I might use this one!

If you aren't into cards they also have different photo calendars. I haven't gotten a calendar yet because I just think that photo calendars are much cuter when you have kids. :)

So head on over to Shutterfly and then come back and tell me which design you like.

Disclaimer:  I wrote this post as a part of the Shutterfly Holiday Card promotion and will receive free holiday cards, but all opinions are my own.  I only promote products/companies that I like and trust.

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