Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Saving Money

I have a lot of time on my hands lately and not a lot of cash so I have been doing what I can to save money and still buy the things I need.  A few friends and family members have been asking me to share a  money saving tips/how to get free stuff!

1.  Swagbucks
Swagbucks is a search engine that gives you swagbucks (points) just for searching.  You can redeem those swagbucks for prizes or gift cards.  I think that the amazon gift card is the best deal--$5 gift card for 450 swagbucks.  I have redeemed two of these gift cards so far since signing up--which comes in handy since I am involved in a book club and get the books from amazon.  If you sign up don't get frustrated if you aren't earning a lot of swagbucks right away.  Just use the site like you would google and slowly you will see things adding up--it really does work!   Click here to check out Swagbucks and sign up.

2. Before I go shopping or out to eat I do an online search (usually through swagbucks :) ) to see if where I am going is offering any deals or has coupons available.  Yesterday I decided to use a gift card I had from Bath and Body Works so I went and checked (just put in a search for "Bath and Body Works coupons") and found a coupon for a free travel size lotion with any purchase.  I was going to make a purchase anyways so for me it was a great deal!

This site is great if you do a lot of online shopping.  You get a percentage back for shopping online--% varies by store. They also share deals/coupons that the stores have for online shopping.  Plus you get a $5 sign up bonus when you make your first purchase.  I don't do a ton of online shopping so for me earning money on this site has been slow going, but I still think it is worth it.  I have heard of many people who love it and earn quite a bit through ebates. With Christmas coming up it might be useful.  Click here to check it out.

4. Coupons--Matching coupons to sale prices and deals is a great way to save money or get free items. You don't even need to get the Sunday Paper coupons to score deals, although that is helpful.  I get most of my coupons online.  I don't have time to search out all the good deals so I depend on others to do that. :)  Here are a few websites I like  She SavedCoupon Geek   and   Penny Pinchin' Mom   (If you are interested let me know and I can share a few more websites/blogs like these.)  I don't think any of these ladies live in my area, but I still have gotten some great deals by reading their blogs and ones like them...including the free full size bottle of shampoo that I got yesterday :)

Hope this helps. :)


Anonymous said...

cool! I'd never heard of swagbucks! Thanks for sharing! - jenn

Jami said...

Have you ever done "cvs"ing? I haven't done it but I have several friends who do - working the CVS dollars along with their sales and coupons. They get sundries free and super low cost all the time. Not sure but I think there is a website that explains it.

Jill said...

These are fab! Thank you! Who doesn't want to save money?


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