Thursday, January 09, 2014

Prayer board

This is one of those projects that I bought the supplies for quite a while ago and then the project just sat in storage until I found the time to do it.  It has now been up on our wall for a few months and I find it  helpful so I decided to share.

I don't know about anyone else, but throughout the day I  run into people or see situations and I think "I should pray for that person/situation."  I often stop and pray right away, but after that I forget about it.  My husband and I wanted to be more intentional about praying for the people in our lives--so I came up with the prayer board.  This board is hung on the wall in our bedroom--not for others to see, but something to remind us to pray for people.  When we come across a person or situation we want to pray for/about or something we are thankful to God for, we write out a card and slip it in one of the slats.

Here are the steps to make one if you want to make your own (these boards can be used other ways also, I have seen ideas for using them in the kitchen or living room.)

I found this shutter at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  Such a great place to find treasures.

1.  Take off the hinges or other hardware and apply wood filler where the wood has gouges out of it.

2.  After applying the wood filler, sand so that the areas that you filled in are smooth and even with the wood.

3.  These shutters were pretty beat up and chipped so it took some sanding to make the surface smooth.  If you look closely now, it still has some imperfections, but I think the imperfections give it character. :)

4.  I used Spray Paint to paint the shutters yellow.  I like how easy spraying an item is and I wasn't about to try to use a paint brush on all of the individual pieces!

5.  The last step was using my silhouette machine to cut out the vinyl.

I turned most of our cards around for privacy, but this is what it looks like on our wall.

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