Friday, November 22, 2013

1 Girl Nation CD Review and Giveaway

I have a new CD to tell you about!  1 Girl Nation's self titled debut CD is now available.
"1 Girl Nation is an exciting blend of upbeat pop music with lyrics that are totally focused on living life for God, even while you're young."
1 Girl Nation is geared toward preteen and teen girls, but I think all ages would enjoy this CD.  Maybe you have already heard their first single called "While We're Young" playing on the radio.  After listening to the songs a few times, I found myself singing along to the upbeat music and singing it to myself throughout the day.
Just a piece of lyrics from "In His Eyes"

"You are beautiful 
In the eyes, in the eyes 
Of the One who made you 
You are perfect 
You're worth more than you know 
In the eyes, in the eyes 
Of the One who made you "

This would make a great Christmas gift for the preteen/teen girl on your list.

Find out more about 1 Girl Nation:

Check out or iTunes to buy 1 Girl Nation.

Want to win a CD?

There are 2 ways to win a copy of 1 Girl Nation.  One is to answer a question and the other is to "like" my page on facebook.  You need to sign in below to enter, but once you do rafflecopter should recognize you for future giveaways.

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