Friday, June 03, 2016

Children of God Album Review

Ohhhh!  I love finding new music to enjoy!  This new album is called Child of God and is by Phil Wickham.

Here is a little background to the making of the album.  This is Phil's 7th album. He was struggling to write the album. It became a job instead of a passion.   Then he found out he had a vocal polyp.  He faced surgery and the possibility of never being able to sing again.

He said, "I remember a few days after the diagnosis, I was on my knees asking God for some peace and clarity and a sense of Him in it all.  All of a sudden I had a sense of God's presence there with me.  There have only been a few times in my life where I felt, undeniably, His voice speaking to me.  This was one of them.  I felt undeniably, His voice speaking to me.  He said my identity is not in what I do, but in who He says I am.  He said, 'I'm your father.  You're my child.  Trust me."

He still had damaged vocal cords and an uncertain future, but God had take away his fear.

Phil was given freedom and a new passion.  He wrote songs out of the "reawakening of his heart"  I think you can really hear his passion for God in this album.

It is hard to pick a favorite song on this album, but I think mine is "As it is in Heaven"

"I lift my hands and say that I need you
I lift my heart and say that I love you
I give my life, Lord, I am forever yours
Let your will be done in me
Let your kingdom come in me
In my life, Lord, let it be as it is in heaven"

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