Friday, September 01, 2006

Does this look familiar?

Does this card look familiar? It is on page 82 of the Stampin' Up! Catalog and Idea Book. You might ask why I am showcasing a card that I copied and didn't think up myself. Well, this week I was challenged to go through the catalog and find one card and copy it exactly and find another card and copy the layout and change the stamp set and colors. I found it quite fun to do this challenge. I had never gone through the catalog looking at the layouts so closely. I found a lot of fun designs that I would like to try. I guess the point of all of this is to show you it is okay to find inspiration from what others have already created. Don't use the excuse "I am not creative," to put off stamping! Start with a card you like and CASE (Copy and Share Everything) it. As you stamp more you will be able to take different pieces and aspects of cards you like and make them into your own creations. So stop making excuses and STAMP!
(If this blog post inspired you to make a card please e-mail me a picture so I can see it!)
PS--if you are looking in the catalog for ideas and can't figure out how something is made or what supplies are used there are recipes in the back to make it easy to look it up.


staramaze said...

I need to use this set more... very cute card!

Dawn said...

Great minds think alike cause I am going having to pick a sample from catalog and then make it and then make one different set and cs I picked this card also for my weekly task .. Way to go GF ..Love your BLOG!! Keep up the great work ..


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