Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cookie Lee

Sorry I am not sharing a card today. I am too busy cleaning and scrubbing my house. I am hostessing a Cookie Lee jewelry party tonight. When I was a Stampin' Up demo I had people over for classes, but I have never been a hostess for anything. I am a little nervous--what if people don't come? What if nobody buys anything? Why did I agree to this again? I am sure it will all be fine, but today will be a long day!
I know that some people dread going to parties for different things (pampered chef, tupperware, cookie lee), but I love going to them. I have to admit I am not usually a big buyer, but I love looking at all the new stuff and I usually end up finding something I can't live without. I am one of those dorks that thinks tupperware is cool.
Any local friends that are reading this--if I didn't invite you it wasn't on purpose. So come on by if you are free tonight! ;)

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