Saturday, March 10, 2007


I start every week with the best of intentions about updating my blog every day...or at least every other day. Where did the week go? All of a sudden the week is gone and I haven't posted since Sunday. I do have some 3-d things that I would love to share, but I only have a film camera right now, not a digital one and it is really hard to take pictures with a film camera and get the film developed in a timely matter. In fact I just took a roll in today that I started last summer at camp in June...*roll eyes* A digital camera is just another thing to add to my "when I get a good job and have money" list. Other things on that list include Photoshop Elements 5.0, a hair straightener (I have a cheapo one and I dropped it in the first month I owned it and it broke. It also pulls my hair on the edges while straightening--Ouch!), a good haircut (my SIL did a fabulous job cutting mine when I was there on vacation, but before that it had been a year), a pair of jeans that fit me, and a printer that works....I can dream right?!?!?!!?

Really I can't complain. I am so very blessed. I have a roof over my head, food to eat, clothes that I can wear, a car that runs, family, friends, plenty of stamping blessings list is much longer than my "want" list. On bad days when I feel like I am super poor and everything is going wrong I just have to start thinking about all I DO have, all that God has given me. Suddenly I feel very rich indeed!

Come back tomorrow to see a mini book that I made. I was going to show it tonight, but then I got distracted and chatty about stuff nobody really cares about...except maybe my mom (Hi mom!). I have the pictures all ready so I will be sure to share 2 days in a row ;)

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