Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ribbon galore!

Have you ever seen the scene in the movie Patch Adams where Patch fills a swimming pool with noodles for the older lady to "swim" in? I feel like a pool full of ribbon would be just as cool...which is why todays post, a continuation of CHA fun, is all about ribbon.

May Arts ribbon has been popular since the beginning and for good reason. I don't know if this particular ribbon is new or not, but it caught my eye as I walked by and I just had to take a picture to remember it until I can purchase some for myself!

Another booth with great ribbon was called Beaux Regards. I can't share a link because right now they don't have a website yet, but this ribbon is pretty stinkin' cool. I was told all of their ribbon is imported from France so you can imagine it is a little pricey. Here are a few samples...This polka dotted ribbon is double sided and looks just as good on both sides--it would be great for bows.

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