Monday, September 01, 2008

Apartment pictures

For those of you who have been begging...I mean asking for pictures of my new place here they are. I didn't take pictures of the kitchen because for one it is pretty ugly (The countertop is pink) and also I hope to put a washer and dryer in it at some point, but right now it looks pretty empty.

Here is the left side of the living room from the front door. Note the couch without arms. That is all that would fit in my old place. At some point I will get a bigger couch and maybe a chair.

Right side of living room and looking into the hallway.

"master" bedroom. Looking in from the door. The wall you can't see across from the bed has a closet. For a picture of the other bedroom look back to my moving day post. The room with all the boxes is my "office." This is the sign outside my door. Pretty cool, huh? ;)
A picture of me in my office, just for fun.


Debra said...

Very cool Jen! TFS! And you look adorable.

Rochelle W said...

Nice place Jen!!


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