Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fixing mistakes to salvage a card.

Ever have those cards that just give you a lot of trouble, and then you try to fix it, but mess something else up? This card was one of those cards! I had two stamped images of "tiers of treats" by Stampendous. They were both on Whisper White, but I really wanted to use my watercolor crayons. I knew that watercoloring and whisper white don't mix...but I tried it out. The image looked really cute colored in...until I accidently smeared it. So on to image #2...I decided to carefully use watercolor crayons again, but then clear emboss over the entire image so it wouldn't smear. This worked really well...until I realized that my Pretty in Pink frosting turned into Cameo Coral when heated...GRRRRR! Cameo Coral totally didn't match the paper I planned to use with the image! So then I got a genius idea. I used Crystal Effects over the frostings on image #1, let it dry and then cut just the frosting part of each cupcake/piece of cake out and adhered them on image #2. What a lot of work!

I got the patterned paper for this card from Joy and Daisy and it is soooooo rich and shimmery and nice. The picture totally doesn't show how cool it really looks. It is called Cute Cakes-Shimmery-striped Decor by Heidi Grace. The paper itself is shimmery and then some of the lines and dots are embossed clear and glittery--you definitely have to see it in person!


Lynn Mercurio said...

oooh, this card is awesome. Love the colors you chose...they are just YUMMY! :)

Michelle said...

Great card!
Yep, i've had those cards where it just doesn't go well. Yours turned out really great!

Ticia said...

Jen, thanks so much for the nice comment on my notebook.
And yes I to have had many cards that you fix and fix .
But yours was worth the effort and it turned out great !

Michelle said...

Your card is yummy! I love the papers you used!


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