Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A few of my favorite things (to put on cards)

Today the creative juices were running and I created 3 cards. One of them was even a clear card! For those of you who haven't seen a clear card it is a card that uses a transparency as the card base. Unfortunately I can't share any of my cards with you because my scanner is a beast and isn't showing my cards at their best right now. I will try to take digital pics sometime this week so I can share.

I thought I would share a top ten list with you.


1.Ribbon--this is definitely my #1 favorite!
2.Brads--Black and antique are my favorite colors.
3.DMC floss (for stitching or hanging tags or tying buttons)
4.Pop dots--does this count as an embellishment?
5.Glitter--Stickles or Dazzling diamonds
6.Jewels--perfect for adding a little bling to a necklace, purse, flowers, shoes...okay last week I even put a jewel on a dog collar.
7. Punches--I love all different kinds of punches-They each embellish a card in their own way!
8. Buttons--You have to have ribbon tied through the holes.
9. Gel pen--I love the different stitches that can go on a card.
10. Hodgepodge hardware-#10 because I don't have my own set yet so I have only used HH a few times.

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Jessica said...

very cool list Jen!!


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