Friday, February 09, 2007

I'm Leeeaaavvvviiinnnggggg on a jetplane....don't know when I'll be back again.....(sorry I couldn't resist ;) ) You are lucky you really can't hear my signing voice, I have been singing that song around my house all day! I am going to visit family in the midwest tomorrow. I AM leaving on a jet plane, but I do know when I am getting back again ;) I am really excited about seeing my family, including my 1 year old niece, but I am SO not excited about the weather I will be entering. It was mid 80's here this the midwest it was 1 degree (and that is before wind chill) I think it might have actually dipped into the negatives, but I am not sure of exact numbers. Today my brother said it got up to a warm 14 degrees! brrrrrrrrr!
I am hoping it snows when I am there so I can at least enjoy beautiful white snow...and build a snowman, take my niece on a sled, have a snowball fight or two.......yes that is what I will think of on the plane tomorrow. Not the bitter cold misery I will be feeling, but the fun of snow mixed with family. ;)

My mom and I are planning on stamping when I am home and they have a nice digital camera so I will get to upload and share still. And of course I will have to share a pic or two of the fun I will have!

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