Friday, November 16, 2007

I need some participation!

This post is going to stay at the top for a few days so people see it.

So I am in the mood for a little fun so I am taking this idea from my friend Stina's blog. See my side bar for a link to her blog.
We are going to do a mad lib together (actually the website I took this one from calls it a crazy lib) If you would like to join in the mad lib fun, please leave a comment with the number of the blank you are filling, and your choice of any word that fits that description... please, if you don't know what an adjective is, don't try and guess. :) Feel free to fill in multiple spots (I don't know that there are 36 people that actually read my blog), but don't hog all the words. And please try to keep it clean. I will try my best to update the ones that are taken...

1. noun--McDonalds
2. noun--castle
3. noun --scrapbook room
4. noun, plural--flowers
5. adjective--pretty
6. Adjective--bumpy
7. Adjective --crunchy
8. Verb, Intransitive, Past Tense--ran
9. Verb, Transitive, Past Tense--kicked
10. Verb, Transitive, Past Tense-- jumped
11. Verb, Intransitive, Past Tense--decided
12. Verb, Intransitive, Past Tense--sneezed
13. Animal --Shark
14. Animal--duck billed platypus
15 Animal, Plural --dogs
16 Animal, Plural --hyenas
17. dwelling --Hobbit hole
18. Body Part--spleen
19. Body Part--rib
20. Body Part --patella
21. Body Part, Plural --toes
22. Body Part, Plural--ears
23. Time Period --eon
24. Time Period --Renaissance
25. Sound--whisper
26 Relationship--third cousin's brother in law
27. Person --Johnny Appleseed
28. First Name--Georgia
29. First Name --Abraham
30. Food, singular --cream of wheat
31. Food, Plural --noodles
32. Article of Clothing, Plural--mittens
33. Furniture --armoire
34. Furniture --dishwasher
35. Furniture, Plural--chairs


Jami said...

#16 hyenas
#24 eon

Aubs said...

15: Dog
21: Toes

Emily said...

17. Hobbit hole
30. Cream of Wheat

Shelley ~ photocropper said...

1. McDonalds
5. pretty
8. ran

:) fun!!!!

SmilynStef said...

32 - mittens
33 - armoire

Debora said...

My kids are grandkids #7, 11 & 13 on my DH's side, so I will fill in those numbers:


Natasha said...

This is the coolest thing ever, I can't wait to read the final item.

#18: spleen
#34: dishwasher
(I'm looping appliances into furniture, I hope that's okay)

Jeffrey said...

14 Animal = Duck Billed Platypus
19 Body part = so many to chose from........But I am thinking about creation so - rib
26 Relationship = 3rd cousin's brother

Chicago Daddy said...

#2 Castle

Alli Miles said...

24. Time Period-Renaissance
25. Sound: Rain
28. Name: Georgia
35. Furniture, Plural: Chairs

onestampinmama said...

#3 Scrapbook room
#20 patella

selena said...

6.) Bumpy
10.) Jumped
22.) ears
27.) Johnny Appleseed
29.) Abraham
31.) Noodles


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