Thursday, January 03, 2008

One Word

I love the idea of having one word to describe what you will strive for in the next year. My word for 2008 is...


It is true that life has not gone the way that I would have planned for myself. This past year I have really struggled with that fact. Many times in 2007 I started sentences with phrases like--"I really want...(but can't afford it)" "I wish things would be this way..." "when life turns out like I want I will do this..." "Grrrrrr, I wish..." But life doesn't always line up with our plans--truthfully it rarely does.
The truly important thing in my life is that I am following the plans that God has for me. I would rather be on a rocky and difficult path following Him than a smooth and easy path going the wrong direction.
Here is where enjoy comes in. This year I want to enjoy (take joy in) the life I have been given and enjoy all of the blessings I have. And I even want to enjoy the things about life that are the way they are because my life didn't go as planned. I want to take the life I have been given and enjoy it to the fullest. I will look for opportunities this year to enjoy life where I am at instead of wallowing in the fact that life is not the way I want it to be.
That is my resolution.


Anonymous said...

Good plan Jen! Enjoying life is a wonderful place to be.


Haylie said...

Awesome! May God bless your 2008!

Catherine said...

Love that... ENJOY!
Mine is Happiness =)

Happy New Year!

Julie Campbell said...

What a perfect word! You have a great blog and a special way of writing down your thoughts. It's really nice to read! :)

tai said...

This is so true. We really have to be thankful for what we have instead of complaining about what we don't have. My new vision for 2008 is to follow his plan also.



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