Saturday, March 01, 2008

Life Lesson-Rock and Sand

Why is it that life seems to get more and more busy each week? Is it that last week is over so we don't remember how busy it really was or do our lives really get more busy with each passing day?
One of the things I am learning to do is prioritize my life. Deciding what is really important and what isn't is hard to do. Some of the things we love to do are the things we need to say "no" to when we prioritize life. So these last few weeks have included less tv, less computer time, no stamping. More working on relationships, more planning with a few ministries I am involved in, more time with God. It has been good.
And back to the issue of being busy, I once heard a good analogy. The speaker had a large jar that symbolized our day and he had sand and rocks symbolizing the things that we have to do each day. The sand was all the adult things we "HAVE" to do--pay the bills, work, take care of our kids, go to meetings, go grocery shopping (add things you have to do during the day). The rocks were things like spend time with God, reading our Bible, praying, church, etc. The goal was to fit all the things into the jar like we try to fit the things we need to do into a day. He poured the sand in first because those are the things we feel we have to get done, that can't wait. Then he tried to add the rocks to the jar, the stuff that often gets set aside for the "more important things". He couldn't fit all the rocks in the jar! He then took everything out and started with the rocks. When he put the rocks in first, then the sand, the sand filled in the cracks and they both all fit. The point was when we make time for God in our day the other things fall into place and will fit in also. Sometimes our priorities change and things we thought were important aren't as important anymore and sometimes I think God just miraculously makes everything we need to do fit into our day. I think he honors that we give him priority in our life.
So are you going to put sand first or rock???

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Haylie said...

I needed this today..thanks!


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