Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jury Duty

I got my first summons for Jury Duty service ever a couple of months ago for this week. I didn't have to go in Mon-Thu, but when I called tonight I found out I have to go in tomorrow. I don't mind doing my civic duty, but I have to report in at 7:45 a.m....Dude at least let me sleep in!!!
I will have to take my stamping journal with me tomorrow and think up some card sketches--might as well make my time sitting around worthwhile! Here is a card I made for a friend...hopefully she doesn't peek in on my blog because she hasn't gotten it yet. ;)


Anonymous said...

very very pretty card, where is the stamp from TFS


Denise said...

Very cute card -
Hope your luck was better than mine for jury duty!

Heather said...

Cute card!


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