Wednesday, April 02, 2008

sweet, blessed, loved

My mom is extremely crafty and good at sewing. When I was little she would make outfits for me or fancy up my clothes with ribbons and bows. I am so excited to have nieces so I can make girly stuff for them.
I used Fabrico ink (in Bubble Gum and Cherry Pink) to decorate a t-shirt and onesies. It was really simple and easy
step 1: make sure cloth has been washed (to take out the shrinking) and put a piece of cardboard in between the front and back of the shirt so the ink doesn't bleed.
step 2: pick out any stamps. It works better with bold stamps, not ones with thin lines. For the t-shirt I used Island Blossoms and So Very.
step 3: gently dab stamp in ink. Make sure stamp is coated, but be careful not to get too much ink on it as the ink is a little "gushy" and you don't want to have extra spots.
step 4: let ink dry. I only waited 20 minutes, but I am sure overnight would be a better idea.
step 5: use an iron to set the ink. I put a towel on top of the t-shirt and ironed on top of that. I also kept the cardboard in between the layers while ironing.

wa-la you are finished!

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Debra said...

These are adorable!


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