Monday, September 17, 2007

cleaning (still)

This week's Movie Monday will have to be on a different day. I switched computers and I need to change a few things. I am also trying to figure out an easier way to get YouTube movies on my blog. The way I do it now I can't edit my post later on or it deletes my video. (if anyone knows how to do it better, please let me know!)

On to my topic for today though...Today my friend Jami stepped up to the daunting challenge of cleaning out one of her closets that really needed a lot of work. Check out her blog to read about her day and make sure you read the quote she shared! While encouraging Jami that she could do it I was inspired to do some cleaning of my own. As I have shared before I don't have a lot of storage in my house. The place where I have the most is actually under my bed. My bed is a loft of sorts, about 4 feet off the ground. Under my bed I have my Christmas decorations, luggage, tools, a space heater, out of season clothes, a box of children's books, a sewing machine, a 3 drawer unit for extra office supplies, stamping stuff, and sewing stuff....and a few more items. I also have a box of junk with items that I just don't know where to put.
I decided to reorganize the space under my bed today. It wasn't necessarily messy, but it was VERY dusty under there. I took everything out and dusted each item, vacuumed underneath, combined a few boxes and put everything back. It looks so neat and organized now. And for those of you that read my blog regularly I know I promised pictures after my "clean sweep"...well I am not quite finished yet...soon though, very soon!

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Anonymous said...

YEA!!! for cleaning!!!

And your hair story! that would have been horrible!!! HUGS!!!


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