Saturday, September 15, 2007

Weekend Question--all about hair

I got a really good haircut at the beginning of summer and realized how much fun and how cute it looked to straighten my hair. I bought a nice straightener and have really enjoyed finally having hair that I can do something with. My hair grows very fast so this week I decided I needed my hair trimmed because the back of my hair was having trouble staying straight and wanted to flip at the bottom of my neck. I told the stylist I wanted the same haircut as last time only a little shorter in the back (so that wouldn't grow out so fast). Well she took a little creative license and gave me a ton more layers (and shorter ones) than last time and gave me a very choppy cut. My hair that had body before...yeah well it is now CURLY!!!! It won't straighten with all the layers in my hair. Grrrrr! I am told it looks cute (although everyone is shocked with the natural curl I suddenly have), but I am not sure how I feel about it.

So my question is more of a "tell me a story" kind of thing. Do you have a bad haircut experience? I will tell you about my worst one on Monday.

Monday Update: Now when I tell you this picture it through the eyes of a young teenager (everything is a little more traumatic then ;) ). My mom and I tried out this new place to get our hair cut that was pretty inexpensive. I had just recently gone from long hair down to my butt to shorter hair, maybe shoulder length. So I had never had anything other than straight cuts pretty much--so no layers, no fancy stuff. Okay, so the lady cut my hair regular and then took out one of those scissors that thins your hair (at least I think that is what it is supposed to do. It cuts some of the hair, but not all of it) and without asking if I wanted that started using it. Only she didn't do it at the bottom of my hair she did it about an inch from my scalp. I don't know if this technique works on some people's hair, but what I ended up with was a grouping of hair at the top of my head that was about an inch long and liked to spike up out of the rest of my hair. So I had shoulder length hair and then some spikey hair that stuck straight up. I think I cried. Needless to say we never tried that place again ;)


Anonymous said...

I do not have a story to tell, but I am looking forward to hearing yours. AND I want to see your cute hair NOW!!!


Taylor said...

BWahahahaha... I'm sure it was traumatic, but you can get a good laugh out of it now! I have a funny story that I just can't resist telling! When I was in 8th grade a boy asked me to go to a basketball game with him. I was doing my hair and getting ready to go and my hair wasn't cooperating. I was trying to get it to curl under and it kept flipping out. So I took a round brush and rolled it all the way up to my scalp and left it there. I hoped it would work like hot rollers and would come out curled under. The bad news... IT WOULDN'T COME OUT AT ALL! We tried everything... oil, peanut butter, conditioner and nothing worked. So I had to cancel my date to the bball game and my dad cut the brush out of my hair while I cried. So then we went to the stylist the next morning and she told me the shag look was really in and she could make it work. Needless to say, I now know why they call it a shag look. It was AWFUL! I had layer upon layer with the shortest layer starting at about 2 inches from my scalp. I can laugh about it now, but at the time it was quite traumatic!!

Taylor said...

P.S. I meant to tell you that you've been TAGGED! :)


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