Monday, March 14, 2011

Desk Transformed into TV Stand Part #2 Big Reveal

You ready for it?  Here is a reminder of the before picture.  

Here is the big reveal!

It isn't perfect, but I really love the look.
If you haven't seen Part #1 check it out for the background story.  Here are the steps of what I did to transform the desk into a tv stand.

1. Sand, sand, sand.  This desk had 1 layer of stain and about 2-3 layers of  paint under that.

2. Paint.  I painted just the desk and not the drawers at first because I had no idea what I wanted to do with the drawers.
3.  Tackle the drawers.  I kept all of the side drawers and got ride of the middle one to make room for the shelves.  These were a pain to sand! 
4.  At first I was going to leave the drawer handles, but I really wanted a more modern looking piece and the handles didn't fit. They had also been stained with the desk and I didn't really want to take the time to clean them off.  Unfortunately the handles were a weird size and I couldn't find new handles that would fit in the holes.  I decided to go with knobs instead of handles.

5.  I took off the handles and patched the holes (and resanded after that.)
6.  To make placement of the knobs easier I made a template to use.  I placed the template on the draw as a guide to drill the new hole. Thanks Dad for that suggestion!

7. Shelves.  I  don't even want to talk about these because they caused me so much trouble!  I will say that part of the problem is that it is difficult to put shelves in an area that is not "square" (different measurements at the top and bottom and the back isn't straight).  The other part of the problem was me ;)   I have never made shelves myself before and learned by trial and error.

And again, the finished product :)

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Bunny said...

It looks fantastic!! You did a great job and should be extremely proud of yourself! WOW, it looks like you have a huge TV *wink*

Lindsey @ Better After said...

Nice job! Wow, it doesn't even look like a desk at all anymore. Great repurposing1 :)


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