Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Freezer Stenciled Bean Bags Part 1

   As a teacher I am big on making learning fun.  I decided to try out alphabet bean bags as a gift for a young special someone.  I plan to come up with a some games to go with the bean bags to make learning letters and to read fun!   Today I am going to show how I painted the letters on each bean bag.

1.  Print out the letters how you like them.  I didn't use one specific font because I am big on letters looking how kids write them so I mixed and matched fonts to get each letter the way I wanted.

2.  Cut a piece of freezer paper and put it on top of the letter. Make sure the waxy side is facing down.  You should be able to see the letter through the freezer paper.  Use a craft knife to cut the freezer paper.  
3.  Take the freezer paper and carefully iron it to the piece of fabric you want to paint.  The waxy side will stick to the cloth.  Make sure all of the edges are "stuck on" so paint can't leak through.
4.  Carefully paint the letter.  I used a foam brush to do this.
5.  After the paint is dry carefully peel up the freezer paper. 

That's all!  So easy!

My next post will be the finished bean bags.


bean bags said...

great article thanks for sharing

Meaghan said...

I I found your bean bags through Sew Much Ado. I love this idea and I know my kids would too. It is going on my to do list!



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