Friday, March 25, 2011

Not for camping, this Tent is for a Carseat!

I made this carseat tent for a friend's baby shower last spring. I waited to put it on my blog so I wouldn't ruin the surprise and then I forgot to share! 
These tents are nice when the baby is sleeping so people don't try to disturb your baby when you are out and about.  My friend that I gave it to shared that it is also great for keeping the baby dry on rainy days (while running from the house to the car, etc).  The handles make it so you can grip the carseat handle easily and so the blanket doesn't slide off while carrying the carseat.

 I can share a tutorial if anyone is interested.

*I would not recommend using this while in the car.

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Lillian Pearl Designs said...

Super cute (love the fabric!) and ingenious! Thanks for sharing!

Kaysi said...

Hi Jen,
To answer your question about the shipping on the Sillhouette, it is around $12.90.

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