Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ginormous Fabric basket

Last week I shared my desk into tv stand remodel.  I originally wanted baskets on the bottom two shelves and spent a lot of time debating what size baskets and where to find the size I wanted at the price I wanted.  I found a basket at Joann's (at 50% off!) for the middle shelf and decided to tackle a fabric basket of my own for the bottom shelf.  I wanted the dimensions to be around 21" by 20" and 10 1/2" high.
I kind of just jumped in not knowing what I was doing, but here is kind of what I did.

I made plans for figure out how to cut fabric for the outside of the box.  I wanted the front of the box to be a patterned fabric (the new colors of my living room) and the rest of the box to be black.  In the picture the colored sections meet each other and get sewn together (so green to green, pink to pink, etc) to form the four corners a box shape.

After I had the box shape I cut out pieces from cardboard boxes to make a cardboard box the size I wanted. I hot glued the pieces together. This gives the box its shape and keeps it sturdy.
Next I fitted the fabric over the box.  I folded the top edge of the fabric over the box and hot glued it down.  I almost left the box like that since you can't see the inside while it is on the shelf.

The inside fabric is all black and was made the same way the outside was only a tad smaller since it is the inside.  I used some hot glue to keep the inside fabric in place and finish off the top with a "seam."

Here it is on the shelf.  Super easy and way cheaper than buying one!

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