Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Treasure Hunt

Every once in a while I play this little "game" to make sure I comment on the less well known blogs and just to find fun stampin' blogs that I didn't know about. I call it "Treasure Hunt" I go to the comments section of one of my blog posts and pick a person that commented and go comment on their blog. Then I pick someone that commented on that person's blog and visit that blog and make a comment and on down the line. I did it today and kept track of the blogs I visited. Here is a list of the first 6. I challenge you to try this out sometime also. It is fun and it passes on the love. Esther Andrea Sarah Sam Michelle Stampingranny


Michelle said...

A-ha! so that's how you found me!

Sam Morris said...

Thanks for the mention. I find it too easy to get lost in the world of blogland but it's always fun "discovering" new blogs ;o)

Ticia said...

I think that is a great idea and I do the same thing often. But I never thought to post them. I think I will try it!

Jami said...

What a fun game! I'll have to try that!


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