Thursday, August 16, 2007

Clean Sweep--my version.

Are any of you pack-rats? I for sure am! I think that crafters in general tend to keep a lot of "stuff" because we are creative and think "why throw that away I am sure I can use it again or alter it to make something else!" I was also raised in a home where we didn't have a lot of extra money, so I was taught to be thrifty and not throw things away that I might need later. To top it off I am also very sentimental and will keep things just for the memories that I have from the item. Can anyone relate at all???

This week my job has been to go through my house and throw away stuff that I have packed away or stored, but don't really need. (This includes, but isn't limited to, clothes that I have outgrown, papers I don't need to keep, and house decorations I will never use.) I would show you a "before" picture, but I am waaaaayyyy too embarrassed to do that. I would show you a "middle" of the way picture, but it looks worse than the "before" ;) (you know how you take everything out and it sits in the middle of the floor looking like...well, junk?) Hopefully soon I will be able to show an "after" picture with my whole house organized!!
...And if I don't blog for a few days you might want to come looking for me in case my closet avalanched on me. ;)

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The Bruschetta lady said...

Hi Jen,
love the idea! To put it in writing keeps you accountable too.
I had a friend who was on the "Clean Sweep" show...let me know if you ever want to see it!

p.s. love your Blog! You are in my Favorites....



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