Saturday, August 18, 2007

image hoarder and a pocket card

I have a group of stamping friends that likes to get together to stamp and chat. (I have to admit usually more chatting than stamping happens.) Whenever we get together we all bring new stamps that we have gotten so that everyone can see them. Everyone brings their own paper and ink and then we swap stamps and stamp images of other people's stamps that we would like to try out. This is a great way to make a few cards with cute images without having to shell out a ton of money. Because-face it-very few of us can afford all the stamps we would like to have!

The point of doing this is to stamp images and then color them and use them to make cards, right?...

well here is what I found when I went through all of my cardstock scraps today...

Oopsies!!! I literally could make over 60 cards just using those images I never made into cards!
My goal (after I finish my clean sweep of course) is to make at least 15 cards using these images before stamping anything else.

I made #1 today.
details coming later...

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