Friday, August 24, 2007


I realized recently that I need to send out more cards. I know how much I love receiving cards--it makes my day when I get one in the mail. I need to start making other people's days a lot more. I seem to make cards, but more often than not I find excuses for not sending them out. Such as--well if I send a card to that one friend I have to send one to the whole group. Or another excuse is that I often forget birthdays and I don't want to start sending cards only to forget for a different person in their family and hurt feelings. Sometimes I am ashamed to say I don't send a card because I have sent many cards to that person and they never send me one--how selfish is that??? So anyways I sat down today, stopped making excuses, thought of a few people and wrote out cards for them. Sitting on a table next to my door are cards for my Grandma V. (just a hello), my parents (anniversary coming up), my SIL (birthday coming up), my best friend (just got a new job), and 2 other friends (thank yous). So if you are one of those people expect a card to reach your doorstep very soon...and if you aren't, well don't lose hope you might be receiving a card sometime in the near future because I plan on sending out a lot more!

So this card I am showing today is the card for my best friend who just got a new job. I can show it because I am pretty sure she won't read my blog before she gets it ;)

Here are a few notes about the card:

*The patterned paper is from my 6 x 6 Phoebe pack by Basic Grey. There is a piece of plain green (actually called Golden Gate Bridge Park) over the lined/decorated piece (called Ashbury Street).

*The flowers are stamped with white staz-on on a piece of clear acetate. The acetate is attached in the top left and bottom right corners with white DMC floss that I stitched on.

*The "Celebrate" is from the retired SU! set Lexicon of Love. I got the set from a friend and she had cut the words out of the stamps (getting rid of the rest) and left them unmounted. I love having it that way because that is the part I would want and I would have had to use a marker each time to just try to get that part of the stamp.


Olga said...

I'm loving your blog's everything going??

Cathy said...

Hey thats a nice tip to go for. It always feels good to receive cards and gifts from our friends and loved ones. But do we always reciprocate the good gestures? No!! This is the right time> is one such website that helped me a lot in remembering birthdays and sending gifts, on-time, every time.


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