Friday, August 31, 2007

Weekend Question--weddings

I have a wedding to go to tomorrow (my 4th one this year and all with no date to go with me...but that is another story ;) ). I was told that the registry was pretty picked over a few weeks ago already so I need to get creative on the gift.

So my question to you is:

What is your favorite wedding gift to give?
Do you always go off the registry? Do you give money or gift cards? Or do you get creative? Help me out!

Monday Update:
Thank you to everyone who helped me out with wedding gift ideas. I always love hearing other people's opinions and thought processes behind those opinions so THANKS! I decided to go with a gift card. I know how much other friends of mine appreciated all the gift cards they got and how fun it is to have "fun money" to spend on something special.


Lynn Mercurio said...

I rarely go for a gift off of their registry. I usually get a gift card that fits the couple's lifestyle. If they just bought a home, I get a Home Depot card, or if they are looking for furniture, etc, I look for an IKEA card. Nothing beats a gift card to a favorite restaurant. Or if in a real is always

Nancy said...

I pretty much always try to give from the Registry. I know at my wedding we got a lot of stuff we would never use (or how about 5 different quilts, not one of them one we liked... or 3 coffee makers for the couple who doesn't drink coffee). If the Registry is picked over, I give a gift card to the store where they were registered.

The wedding we went to this summer... enough people gave them a gift card to the same store that the bride and groom were able to buy the flat screen TV that they had on their registry (that they never thought they'd get).

If the couple has been on their own for a while, there won't be a lot of the basics that they'll need, so it's much safer to stick to their wish list.

Have fun!

Helen & Co. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
With regards your question - I usually go with gift certificate, then have fun making a really 'amazing' card, IYKWIM!

Lori Craig said...

I'm a little late to help you with this wedding, but this is my standard wedding gift:


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