Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cards for Sale

So I have been debating for a while, but have decided to start selling my cards. Yesterday I sold the first group--what a great feeling!!! For a while I have given sets of cards as gifts for family. My family loves my cards, but I just assumed that people wouldn't want to buy cards from me, I feared my cards weren't good enough to sell. After seeing the reactions of the ladies that looked at my cards tonight I don't have that fear anymore ;) I brought a stack of cards thinking the person I was bringing them for could pick the ones she liked. Well, she wanted them all!

So to all my non-stamping friends or family let me know if you are interested in purchasing handmade cards from me.


esther said...

What a great feeling, congratulations on a great sale, and what a fantastic boost to have! I have no doubt you will ocntinue to sell more! Well done!

Sam Morris said...

I don't blame them for wanting your cards, they're adorable! LOVE what you've done with the Fancy Pants set, I can't stop using mine! (I've just bought the From the Garden set too!)

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog ;o)


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