Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Last week, I challenged myself to make 15 cards with those images I had hoarded...I made about 6... and then started stamping other cards. One of my friends wanted to buy cards from me and it was taking way to long to make the image ones. Also I was having trouble making some of the images into birthday cards. I still plan on finishing my 15 and I will slowly share all the ones I have made making sure I number up to 15.
The card I am sharing today is one that I am sending to my parents for their anniversary (which is next week). I made the card about 2 months ago and even though it was a while before their anniversary I knew this was the card I wanted to send. This year my parents are celebrating their 36th anniversary! I want to give them a little shout out and a thanks for modeling a God centered marriage. I love you Mom and Dad!

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beate said...

Jen, that's adorable! Happy Anniversary to your parents. Hugs and smiles


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